Music at Mount Vernon

George Washington loved music, so it’s natural to expect to hear great music at his beloved home today. If you have an opportunity to be at Mount Vernon when one of their concerts is taking place, you will be able to imagine what it was like more than two centuries ago.


“Music at Mount Vernon is a three-part series designed to both entertain and educate through history and music. Three concerts of chamber music, performed by members of the National Symphony Orchestra, will be prefaced by a brief piece of Mount Vernon history.”

Here’s a link to their concerts: Music at Mount Vernon: Music Series

The new stage

The cement for the new stage platform was poured this morning. With a couple days of curing, it will be set. Then all we’ll need is the some music! This will provide an exciting new venue for baroque music on the Olympic Peninsula.

Enjoy these photos from all the activity that took place today here at the inn. Click on the pictures to enlarge the photos.

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