Moving forward

Recently a composer was having a premiere of his latest piece performed in a major music hall when the orchestra suddenly shut down and packed up right in the middle of the piece to keep from going into overtime. Apparently the orchestra’s union had given the members instructions to do so. Today budgets are under stress and funding has been cut by cash-strapped organizations. People have many choices from which to select their preferred listening venue.

Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell, world-renowned violin virtuoso, has made a profound statement about music today. “We need to keep finding ways of reaching young people in environments that make them feel comfortable, without altering the music,” Bell said. “We don’t need to add drum beats to great classical works to reach younger people. That’s not the point at all.” He continued, “They can connect with great classical music, but sometimes it means finding the right venue, or the right time of day, or the right way to present it where they feel embraced. We should always be experimenting with things like that.” (See article by James Chute/U-T)

We hope you will come and experience our exciting new venue this summer. The setting for the inaugural Washington Music Festival is a beautiful ten acre oceanfront lavender farm with a replica of George and Martha Washington’s beloved Mount Vernon as its iconic focal point.


Planting and reaping


Nothing beautiful happens without a lot of planning and effort. Not only will it be appealing to the eyes, but something sounds charming about a baroque music festival on an oceanfront lavender farm here in “America’s Provence”! Come check it out this July when all the lavender is in full bloom!

Here’s a ink to ticket info:

Bring on the music!

Did you know that you can see this summer’s music venue via webcam? Imagine the lawn filled with people on blankets and lawn chairs, listening to some incredible music ensembles performing on the portico. A 14 foot extension will be added to the front of the portico as the main platform for the musicians. Construction on it will begin shortly. Hope to see you here on July 20th when our lavender field is in bloom! In the meanwhile, watch us get ready for your arrival.

George Washington Inn Webcam


Stepping off the carriage

George Washington Inn
George Washington Inn

Imagine a carriage riding up to the inn’s portico with a singer dismounting and stepping on stage to sing before an eager audience assembled on the lawn! Nothing on the scale of Andre Rieu’s “World Stadium Tour” in Toronto, with a full-size reproduction of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, but perhaps you get the picture…

The stage takes shape

These photos were taken today showing the layout for the stage. The plans call for the performing area to extend 14 feet from the existing cement portico of George Washington Inn. No step down to the lawn at the front edge will be necessary as the stage area is relatively flat. Note the “sunrise” outline in the proposed cement expansion cut lines. Alderwood Construction of Port Angeles was awarded the work on behalf of the inn for the benefit of the Washington Music Festival. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.