The festival expands

After a successful launch this year, the Washington Music Festival will spill over into two weekends next summer. The 3rd weekend of July 2014 will feature various ensembles playing beautiful Baroque music and other popular music of George Washington’s day, and the 4th weekend in July will host an International Hymn Sing, featuring the Dutch organ prodigy, Gert van Hoef, on his North American debut.


All of this music will be coming at the peak of the lavender season at Washington Lavender Farm and wildflowers that bloom in fields surrounding George Washington Inn. Don’t miss this exciting time. Why not make plans to be with us? The inn isn’t as grand as the Schonbrunn … but imagine the music festival in a setting like this, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and blue ocean waters.


Stepping off the carriage

George Washington Inn
George Washington Inn

Imagine a carriage riding up to the inn’s portico with a singer dismounting and stepping on stage to sing before an eager audience assembled on the lawn! Nothing on the scale of Andre Rieu’s “World Stadium Tour” in Toronto, with a full-size reproduction of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, but perhaps you get the picture…