Sound the trumpets

This summer is off to a great start with incredible weather. The snow-capped Olympic Mountains seem more majestic than ever and there’s lots of activity on the waterfront. Someone caught a huge halibut yesterday and their excitement was heard from the inn’s balcony overlooking the strait.

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Here are a couple of photos taken this morning from the new stage platform where beautiful music will be heard at the inaugural Washington Music Festival this summer. Enjoy some rousing baroque music on this beautiful day! Imagine trumpeters like these playing at the Olympic Peninsula’s exciting new baroque venue. If you have any contacts like this, you know where to send them.


The new stage

The cement for the new stage platform was poured this morning. With a couple days of curing, it will be set. Then all we’ll need is the some music! This will provide an exciting new venue for baroque music on the Olympic Peninsula.

Enjoy these photos from all the activity that took place today here at the inn. Click on the pictures to enlarge the photos.

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Today the sod came up and the stakes went down. The cement will be poured by the end of the week. The new platform for the Washington Music Festival is beginning to take shape and will provide a great venue for the players at the inaugural event this summer. Plans are well under way to provide a great line up of musicians and actors for the festival which will be held on the Washington Lavender Farm during the Sequim Lavender Weekend.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Bring on the music!

Did you know that you can see this summer’s music venue via webcam? Imagine the lawn filled with people on blankets and lawn chairs, listening to some incredible music ensembles performing on the portico. A 14 foot extension will be added to the front of the portico as the main platform for the musicians. Construction on it will begin shortly. Hope to see you here on July 20th when our lavender field is in bloom! In the meanwhile, watch us get ready for your arrival.

George Washington Inn Webcam


Victoria and the Olympic Peninsula make music together

Have you ever experienced the incredible Victoria Symphony Splash, performed on a barge in Victoria’s famous Inner Harbour? Approximately 40,000 people gather on the nearby streets and the BC Legislature’s lawn to enjoy this annual event.

Let’s continue the neighborly ties between our cities. Were you aware of the queen city’s 150th anniversary celebration last August, when the iconic Coho Ferry, which runs between Victoria and Port Angeles, had its horn incorporated by the composer, Tobin Stokes, in his celebratory Inner Harbour Overture?

When you attend this annual musical extravaganza, make sure you aren’t on the last ferry back to the Olympic Peninsula. You don’t want to miss its traditional grand finale, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, with all the wonderful sights and sounds of this unique venue. Our sister city has so much to share, and we look forward to sharing our new venue over here on the Olympic Peninsula in return.

Victoria residents: Come celebrate Sequim’s Centennial with us at the peak of our lavender season! We’ll even let you catch the last ferry at the end of our inaugural Washington Music Fesival.

Announcing a Summer Music Festival in a Great Location

The inaugural Washington Music Festival will take place this summer on Saturday, July 20, 2013. It will include various ensembles playing music reminiscent of the era when our nation began.George Washington Inn

In celebration of its fifth anniversary, George Washington Inn and Estate with its panoramic views, will provide the backdrop for this exciting event. The sunny weather on the North Olympic Peninsula attracts many visitors to its famous “blue hole”, also known as the Olympic Rain Shadow. The incredible experience will allow you to enjoy Sequim’s famous 17 year old agri-tourism event in the heart of America’s Provence which has become known as the Sequim Lavender Weekend. The setting for this inaugural music festival is a beautiful 10 acre lavender farm with a replica of George and Martha Washington’s beloved Mount Vernon as its iconic focal point.

Make plans to bring your lawn chairs or blanket, relax on the inn’s front lawn and enjoy some of the finest baroque and early American folk music as it wafts through the ocean air from under the portico of George Washington Inn.

Other Interesting Facts About the Area:

Average annual rainfall: 16 inches
Sunny days per year: 306
Miles of hiking trails in nearby Olympic National Park: 600
Number of glaciers in the Olympic mountains: 266
Number of bird species in Dungeness Wildlife Refuge: 250
Number of elk roaming the Sequim area: 50-60