"Everything has a beginning somewhere and one thing leads to another, though they may not seem connected: from Bach to Baroque to Appalachian folk fiddling . Actually, those have some common elements." Yo Yo Ma
Olympic Music Festival

Yesterday I stopped by the site of the Olympic Music Festival and met renowned violist, Alan Iglitzin, at his home. I’ve passed the highway sign a hundred times, but have never ventured off the main road to discover this idyllic musical oasis. Mr. Iglitzin invited me into his home and we conversed about the beginnings of his festival. It was no doubt more beneficial to me than to Mr. Iglitzin, who has developed an incredible venue for top quality classical and later period performers and audiences. Congratulations to Alan Iglitzin and the OMF on their 30th anniversary!

What kind of music did George and Martha Washington hear and enjoy? Well, baroque of course! No doubt, there were also folk songs and “fiddling” by guests who entertained at Mount Vernon. We would like to see this kind of music, yes, all of the above; here at “Mount Vernon West”!


Casual ‘Concerts in the Barn’ offer romance, fine music

Music takes top billing at the Olympic Music Festival

Olympic Music Festival website

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